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BRAX is taking bespoke construction to another level. the BRAX DSP specification will start from a CORE unit baseline, allowing exact requirements to be built from an input and output standpoint. The DSP now starts as the fundamental hardware, with all inputs and outputs being selected in precise quantity. If the project only requires a single digital input and a single analog output, that can be specified. Start with CORE and build what you need!

Beyond that customization, we see new benefits of the open deck construction. As technologies have leaped forward, our unique modular design concept allows upgrades to the output stage without having to replace the entire DSP. Brax is proud to announce the all-new ESS based Analog Output Module. The ESS option will live alongside the current AKM version, providing two distinct flavors for BRAX DSP owners. The AKM chipset has been renowned for it's natural, warm sound, while the ESS Sabre option enhances detail and precision with a more linear sound. Either option can be specified in a new construction, and the ESS modules are available standalone as an upgrade to existing BRAX DSPs.


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