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Escort Radar Launches Max 4

Create lasting memories and embark on the road trips you've always dreamed of with the all-new ESCORT MAX 4 radar detector. Featuring twice the accuracy for less distractions, the MAX 4 is your passport to worry-free journeys and unforgettable adventures.

Key features of the MAX 4 include:

  • Twice the filtering accuracy for a quieter ride: The MAX 4's best-in-class performance provides twice the accuracy compared to competing models, providing less distractions on the road so drivers can focus on the right alerts at the right time. Advanced AutoLearn™ Intelligence software also remembers to silence repeated false alert locations so that the detector can get smarter over time.

  • Exceptional detection range with low noise amplifier (LNA): Enhanced LNA technology provides increased sensitivity and detection range so drivers can get notified of what's ahead sooner.

  • Maximized awareness through the Drive Smarter® app: Through the power of ESCORT's enthusiast community, drivers can share and receive real-time alerts while on the road, allowing them to contribute to the safety of others and create a collective shield against unexpected obstacles.

  • An elevated driving experience with Apple CarPlay® and Android Auto™ integration: Seamless connectivity allows drivers to keep focus on the road as critical alerts stream directly to the vehicle's compatible infotainment display


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